Quality policy

What we do must meet the requirements and expectations of our Clients – this is perhaps the most concise summary of our business policies. We are aware that the satisfaction of each our Client is a prerequisite condition for sustained success of our company, allowing it to enjoy an opinion of a reliable partner. We can provide high quality services, based on our long-term experience in designs and completion of construction projects and corrosion protection systems. Implementing new solutions, regular assessment and verification of our suppliers, confronting the quality of our services with demands of our Clients and keeping the schedules of works let us detect the potential sources of errors and eliminate them as early as possible. Our quality assurance policy described as above forms an obligation and a task of the Top Management, as well as each individual member of our team. The operation and permanent improvement of our Quality System compatible with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, guarantees the reliable quality of our works.

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